The Vigilance Department in BIS works under the DG, BIS who is the Disciplinary as well as the Competent Authority in all vigilance matters.  This department is headed by Chief Vigilance Officer who is assisted by Vigilance Officers.


            Keeping in view the main objectives and functions of the Bureau as laid down in the various enactments, the Chief Vigilance Officer assists the DG, BIS in maintaining the transparency and integrity in general administration and in increasing the efficiency as well as productivity in BIS through various preventive measures and monitoring mechanisms.  Punitive actions are taken where the preventive measures fail to produce the desired results.  Apart from dealing with specific vigilance cases, the CVO, with the help of Vigilance Officers in the Vigilance Department, also monitors the functioning of BIS through regular and surprise visits of sensitive/departments and reviews these from time-to-time and streamlines the procedures which appear to afford scope for corruption or misconduct.  The CVO also considers initiation of other measures for prevention and detection of and punishment for corruption and other malpractices in the organization.  Some employees may commit mistakes unintentionally while performing their duties due to ignorance whereas some others may do so for tangible personal gains causing loss to the organization.  The first category of employees needs to be educated about the correct rules and procedures by the Vigilance Department as a preventive vigilance measure.  The second category requires vigilance action, as punitive measure complaints against whom are normally taken up for investigation by the Vigilance Department.


            Considering the principal areas and activities of BIS, wherever dealings with public as well as industries are involved, the emphasis by the Vigilance Department is specially given on the procedures related to two most important activities of BIS, namely, “Certification Marks Activity” which involves grant of licences for use of ISI Mark and monitoring operations thereof and the “Laboratory Activity” which primarily aims at testing of samples of products to ascertain their conformity to the specified standards.  During the investigations of complaints or surprise checks, whenever any inadequacies in the laid down procedures are noticed, suggestions are made by the CVO to the concerned Activity Heads for rectifying such procedures.


            The basic objective, thus, of the Vigilance Department in BIS is to improve the system and to reduce any ambiguity in the interpretation and implementation of the connected rules and procedures resulting in reduction in discretion being exercised by the employees who are not authorized to do so as per the prescribed procedures.  Needless to say, such guidelines, procedures and directives issued by the Vigilance Department from time-to-time need to be transparent and implementable and are carefully prepared keeping in view the objectives of the Bureau of Indian Standards.







Procedure for lodging complaints with the BIS.


Please follow the guidelines and act strictly according to the procedure.


Complaint can be lodged only against officials belonging to the Bureau of Indian Standards.


Do not pay bribes.  If anybody of the Bureau of Indian Standards asks for bribe or if you have any information on corruption in Bureau or if you are a victim of corruption in the Bureau, you can complain to the following:




Telephone Nos


Fax No



Director General




5th Floor,

Manak Bhawan,

9 B.S.Z. Marg,

New Delhi – 2.


Chief Vigilance Officer



Room No. 405,


9 B.S.Z. Marg,

New Delhi – 2.


 v  BIS does not entertain anonymous/pseudonymous complaints so please give your proper name and address.


v Complaints must be brief and contain factual details, verifiable facts and related matters. They should not be vague or contain absurd allegations and sweeping statements since these are liable to be filed.


v Please ensure that the complaint is addressed directly to the Director General or Chief Vigilance Officer of BIS.


v The complaint will generally be acknowledged by the BIS but it is not possible to keep the complainant up dated with the status of the case. However, the complaints are followed by the BIS to its logical conclusion.

v The public lodging complaints are also advised not to continue corresponding on the same subject after receiving the acknowledgement from the BIS.

                                        To lodge a complaint Please click here.

v            Complaint against BIS officials can also be sent by e-mail to