(See rule 14)

Application for Exemption from Prohibition
under Section 12 of Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986

The Director General,
Bureau of Indian Standards

1. *I/We carrying on business at ________________________________________________________________________
(full business address) under the style of _____________________________________ (full name) hereby apply for exemption from prohibition under Section 12 of Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986, in respect of the name/mark/trade mark detailed below of which I/We am/are the proprietor(s). Complete information in regard to its use is furnished as required.

(1) Name/mark/trade mark* in respect of which exemption is sought.

(2) Whether registered.

(3) Date of registration and registration number.

(4) Authority with whom registered.

(5) Since when the name/mark/trade mark* has been in actual use by the applicant.

(6) The article(s) in relation to which the name/mark/trade mark* is used.

(7) Claim for distinctiveness of the name/mark/trade mark*.

(8) Full particulars about the nature of business of the applicant.

(9) Any other remarks.

2. *I/We declare that the information given above is to the best of my/our knowledge true, and in support of it *I/We attach the following documentary evidence.

List of documents enclosed.

Dated this ________________________ day of ____________ 20__


Signature ___________________________

Name ___________________________

Designation ___________________________

For and on behalf of ___________________________


Note - Separate applications shall be made for each name/mark/trade mark.

*Strike out one not applicable.

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