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Manak Bhawan- (Headquarters)

What's New

Grant of All India Licence for "ac Static Direct Connected Watt hour Smart Meter Class 1 and 2" as per IS 16444: Part 1:2015

Unified Test report Formats( UTRFs ) for products covered under CRS

Important Notice for Applicants of Young Professionals, Interns and Trainees

Recruitment of Scientist-B : Scribe Declaration Form

Recruitment of Scientist-B : Information Handout for Candidates (in Hindi)

Recruitment of Scientist-B : Information Handout for Candidates (in English)

Recruitment of Scientist-B :Click here to download Call Letters for On- line Examination on 15 April 2018

NITS launches LQMS Transition training programmes as per the revised IS/ISO/IEC 17025 : 2017

Management Systems Department published standard on ‘Information and Documentation -- RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) in libraries

Selection of Technical Manpower (Graduate Engineers) in Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) purely on temporary basis

Corrigendum to the Indicative Advertisement published in Newspapers on 15.03.2018

Guidelines for Certification of Capacitors as per IS 2993, IS 13340 (Part 1) and IS 13585 (Part 1)

BIS releases new Indian Standard, IS 15932 (Part 2) : 2017 to provide guidance for selection and use of Hardboards

BIS releases New Indian Standard IS 16647:2017 on 'Oriented Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-O) Pipes for Water Supply- Specification

BIS releases new Indian Standard, IS 16700:2017 on ‘Criteria for Structural Safety of Tall Concrete Buildings’

BIS releases Indian Standard Specification for High Strength Deformed Stainless Steel Bars and Wires for Concrete Reinforcement, IS 16651:2017

Pre-standardization study report on “Unified, Secure & Resilient ICT Backbone for Smart Cities/Smart Infrastructure” by BIS

All India First Licence for the product "Continuously Cast and Rolled Electrolytic Copper Wire Rods for Electrical Conductors” according to IS 12444:1988

Grant of All India First License for Steriil Single-Use Syringes, with or without Needle as per IS 1222:2002

All India First Licence as per IS 745:2003

All India First Licence as per IS 14900 : 2000

Management Systems Department of BIS organized a Seminar on “Risk Management in Supply chain”

All India First Licence

All India first licence

First Licence granted on All India Basis for the product as per IS 2039 (Parts 1 to3):1991


All India First Licence

GST Rates Applicable on Supply of Goods and Service by BIS

Nodal Officer for GST Cell in BIS

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